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How about this Kinder World?

I have always been mesmerised by how high the service is in developing countries, especially in Asia.  I am writing this blog post from Hoi An in the north of Vietnam, where you walk into any shop and they will greet you with extreme politeness, ask where you are from and be completely at your disposal to ensure you get what you walked in for.

I supposed, along with many potential ideas that the main reason behind this is that most people selling products (be it food, drink, clothes or other services) are also the owners of the business, whereas in Britain, the business owner and the sales person are very different entities and perhaps do not even know each other. 

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The Softness of Temptation

I've arrived back in London and despite spending half the time panicking what-am-I-doing-with-my-life (please tell me I am not the only one) I have also spent a lot of time searching for the best pastry shops and bakeries in town, so thats great fun!  Not just for me but for anyone who reads this blog.  

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