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Eggless, Sugarless, Flourless, Butterless Brownies

Apparently everyone wants to "eat clean" these days.  By eating "clean", this means not getting it all over yourself. 

Okay, I'm messing with you.  Messy-ing with you..  Get it? Clean, Messy...

(Hem, not funny.)

I've had a little bit of trouble with these food fanatics who start eating really healthily and make everyone believe that flour makes you bloat, sugar makes you hyper, butter makes you fat and everything in between doesn't do you wonders for you either. 

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How about this Kinder World?

I have always been mesmerised by how high the service is in developing countries, especially in Asia.  I am writing this blog post from Hoi An in the north of Vietnam, where you walk into any shop and they will greet you with extreme politeness, ask where you are from and be completely at your disposal to ensure you get what you walked in for.

I supposed, along with many potential ideas that the main reason behind this is that most people selling products (be it food, drink, clothes or other services) are also the owners of the business, whereas in Britain, the business owner and the sales person are very different entities and perhaps do not even know each other. 

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Olia Hercules at Carousel, London

Last year, my parents phoned me telling me that neighbours of ours were opening up a supper club. My dad (being the crazy old neighbour he is) even knocked on neighbour Ollie's door to put him on the phone to me so I could talk to him about their supper club.  Our neighbour told me that they were always keen to grow their foodie network and I should pop in to a pop up when I was back popping.

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Parmesan and Vintage Cheddar Gougères AKA Cheesy Puffs.

If you're ever stuck for an aperitivo idea I have the answer. 

Gougères are little cheese puffs made with chou pastry, they are in fact the savoury version of "chouquettes"  (light sugary wonders that you pop into your mouth.) These cheesy wonders entertain that gap between hunger and dinner time. 

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The first mnemonic is cake, obviously

Yesterday something crazy happened. Every single one of my pictures was deleted from my phone. 

This time I dropped my phone on its screen and it decided not to work.  I took it to the Apple Store and they told me that since the screen was slightly dented (from my various clumsy bike journeys) the entire phone had to be fixed.   

I won't rant about the whole story but it turns out my photos were not saving onto iCloud since I had exceeded the storage space limit quite a while ago.

Losing all the photos on my phone has reminded me of how dependent I am on remembering everything.  Photos are similar to mnemonics, which are learning techniques used to aid memory retention.  My mnemonics are my photos, every time I flick through them I relive the moment. Now they are gone it is almost as if those moments never happened. 

If you've ever lost all your photos  or all your database or your whole dissertation on your computer you will go through the following feelings: terror, nausea then just plain sadness.  

My life starts today, I thought to myself.  A blank phone, a whole new start. 



For the whole new start, I decided that I wanted to make a cake that tasted like Italy.  hazelnuts and ricotta, what could feel more italian?  

The first mnemonic for my brand new life is a picture of this hazelnut and ricotta cake I made with toasted ground hazelnuts, butter, ricotta, whisked egg whites and dark chocolate.  


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