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Eggless, Sugarless, Flourless, Butterless Brownies

Apparently everyone wants to "eat clean" these days.  By eating "clean", this means not getting it all over yourself. 

Okay, I'm messing with you.  Messy-ing with you..  Get it? Clean, Messy...

(Hem, not funny.)

I've had a little bit of trouble with these food fanatics who start eating really healthily and make everyone believe that flour makes you bloat, sugar makes you hyper, butter makes you fat and everything in between doesn't do you wonders for you either. 

Posted on January 9, 2016 and filed under sweet, dinner, desserts, chocolate.

Vietnamese Coffee Cream Eclair

During Christmas, we were away in Vietnam and we had a lot of delicious coffee.  The coffee in Vietnam has a deep chocolate flavour to it and it's ever so slightly sweet.  Similarly to in Thailand and Indonesia, coffee is sweetened with condensed milk.  The coffee I brought back to London from Vietnam was sweet and chocolatey without condensed milk.  I am unsure whether the coffee is sweetened in another way or whether there is vanilla inside because I can't read the ingredients which are written in Vietnamese. 

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Soho Mojo: Mesmerised by Said

I'm using the word MOJO for this blog article, not only because it half rhymes with Soho, but to be able to try and convey the sense of magic and charm that I feel walking around the sweet spots in Soho.

I have found a place, which I didn't realise actually existed in reality because it is something that only existed in my mind.  This place is called "Said" AKA chocolate heaven.  It is the London branch of a well-established chocolate shop from Rome.  "Said" which stands for Societa Azinoria Industria Dolciumi (the association of the confectionary industry) is a chocolate shop from Rome, dal 1923 Antica Fabbrica del Cioccolato (1923 Antique Chocolate Factory.)  Thankfully for us, they have now got a shop in London.  

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