Vanilla Choux Buns with Salted Caramel

Ever since I left Paris, I have had a choux pastry withdrawal symptom.  Don’t worry, nothing too drastic has come out of that except the constant need to make choux buns and éclairs!


The best patisseries in Paris come in the form of choux pastry, religieuses, paris-brest, saint-honore… Each and every one of these is a beautiful classic pastry filled with a light and airy cream. 


I began testing some éclair recipes and little by little started to British-ify them because an English friend of mine did not seem to emotionally connect with the éclair in the same way as my sisters (who are half French) did.


In Paris, the patisseries are always beautiful and neat.  They believe that we eat with our eyes first, whereas in England and in America it is more important that the cake taste brilliant and the aesthetics come after.


The ideal combination is having something that not only looks incredible, but tastes amazing too.  


I have been thinking about a way to combine beautiful luxury patisserie with an element of gourmet indulgence.  The little vanilla choux buns with salted caramel sauce was the answer.


More to come very soon.