Touristing in Paris, pastry check out: Gilles Marchal

What's great about living in Paris now is that I'm at home but also a tourist at the same time.  What's great about feeling like a tourist is it enables you to view places with an outsiders eye; constantly mesmerised and wanting to discover more.

It also means that that longing that most people have to go away, to leave, go travelling, or on holiday, I don't really have.  (Of course, I want to go on holiday, that's not really want I'm trying to say!!) Wherever I go, everything always feels new.

Perhaps I've just got a terrible memory. That could, very possibly, be one of the reasons why...

I think I would remember if I had been here before.

Gilles Marchal is a pastry chef who has worked in some of the most respectable restaurants and palaces in Paris and internationally.  He worked at Le Crillon before embarking as head pastry chef at the Plaza Athenee and then Hotel Le Bristol.  He later became the consultant and chief director of La Maison du Chocolat before opening his own boutique in Montmartre.  A great place to stop by to have a snack before carrying on your walk up to the view...

The pastry boutique is white and bright, which allows you to be immediately drawn to the selection of cakes, presented beautifully and elegantly- so Parisian- with the chocolate eclair and opera, (classics of french pastry but presented with utmost superiority)- this is what patisseries are meant to look like. Gilles Marchal knows how to make us drool...

The neatly packaged biscuits and financiers are particularly appealing as well, as you can see from the photographs. (I was not allowed to take pictures inside the shop unfortunately!)

I bought a simple madeleine, with salted caramel.  The weather is so hot that I didn't fancy anything with cream (very surprising for me, I always want cream.)  The madeleine, obviously, was quite simply delicious. 

A place to go for sure!  I am going to go back to try the Paris-Brest eclair.

I then continued walking.  It was such a beautiful day, and I walked until my feet were sore.  I went down rue des Martyrs, one of my favourite streets in Paris because it is simply FOOD Heaven!  There is absolutely anything you could think of, from coffee bars to salmon shops and of course cheese and wine shops.  Everything is there.  Go there, for sure.

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