White chocolate ganache shortbread with pickled ginger

Where to start in regards to my new little invention of crumbly, buttery, delicate shortbread with white chocolate whipped mascarpone ganache and pickled ginger? 

It turns out that yesterday, I wanted to try something out. I actually wanted to make shortbread with a cumin cream.  I've had a craving for exotic flavours recently (maybe it has something to do with the great weather, makes you contemplate far away lands?) But I got home and couldn't find my cumin syrup anywhere.  A friend of mine had brought me some from the Reunion Island and I really wanted to make cumin cream shortbread!  He even brought it knowing I would want to try and make a dessert with it.

But then, actually, it all worked out fine.  I baked the shortbread and I ate about half (hem, three quarters) of them with my morning coffee and during my day of chores.  It was a long day so great thing I had a lot of biscuits to keep me entertained.

To be fair to me, the shortbread were delicious just as they were but at work we make peanut shortbread with a dark Araguani chocolate ganache, caramel and roasted peanuts so I knew that I would never quite be satisfied with myself if I hadn't added a personal twist of my own. 

I'm not actually a white chocolate kind of girl, but since I had initially wanted to make a cumin cream, I wanted to use white chocolate.  However, I do have a thing about mascarpone.  I love the stuff.  It makes any cake icing in a minute and saves any ganache which is too liquid.  It's creamy, it's rich.  It's just brilliant.  I made a white chocolate ganache and I left it to chill out in the fridge.  I added a pinch of salt to it too, if you really wanna know.  But the ganache was a little too liquid (resembling condensed milk texture) despite delicious ooziness,  that wasn't what I was going for this afternoon.  So I added mascarpone and whipped it all up. 

As I whipped my ganache, I also started to boil ginger in some water.  I sound absolutely crazy today, but I actually started craving ginger infused water that I would leave in the fridge.  As the water boiled for too long, I tasted a piece of boiled ginger and the spiciness just got my ideas flowing even more with regards to the white chocolate ganache shortbread.  So I sliced the pieces of ginger up and now they're drying in the oven. 

So, after a little bit of drying, I've decorated the shortbread with the ginger and eaten one (or two).  The creaminess of the mascarpone ganache with the spiciness of the ginger and the crumbliness of the buttery shortbread...what a treat.  However, since the ginger was a last minute touch, I am going to elaborate this recipe in order to pickle the ginger properly and grate ginger on as well.  I feel like they could have been a tad spicier.

Posted on June 12, 2015 and filed under france, desserts, chocolate, paris, sweet.