Tea-time à la Michalak, Paris

My father was in Paris a few weeks ago, and I am only now putting up pictures of our beautiful tea-time at the Plaza Athenee, where I work as a pastry chef when I "want to work"- not my words...!!

My chef insisted I bring my dad to have tea, and so I embarked him and my Parisian uncle on a sugar filled adventure, to their delight, and to mine as well.  I had the pride of being able to show them and talk them through every single one of the miniature patisseries, and then take them down for a personal visit of the kitchens. 

The Michalak tea-time, from the bottom:

Three little verrines: Chocolate and Praline, Tonka Bean and Caramel, Orange Tiramisu, as well as crunchy praline chocolates

Mini vanilla mille-feuille, pear merveilleux, caramel chou bun, wild strawberry tartlet and coconut macaron.

Toasted chocolate, banana and lime brioche.

Here is a photo of the granny-smith Vacherin, which is composed of thinly diced granny smith apple with apple compote, pineapple sorbet, meringue and manzana chantilly cream.

Assortment of cakes: flourless lemon cake, kouignman, caramel and chocolate hazelnut shortbread, maple syrup cake and brioche perdu.

Here is my dad pulling some facial expressions which are showing his appreciation of the tonka bean creme caramel!

The salted caramel religieuse, with a dulcey-rum cream topping.

Thank you to the wonderful chef Jean-Marie Hiblot and the amazing team at the Plaza!

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