East-ploring: E5 Bakehouse

As I've been away from London for so long, I have been following the cake trends from afar. 

Last Sunday, I had a sleepover at my friend Joella's who lives in London Fields.  The next morning, I woke up with this urge to discover Hackney and London Fields area. I had three early missions on my list: the E5 bakehouse, Violet Cakes and Lily Vanilli. 

The e5 bakehouse is a very, very cool place.  You can instantly tell the quality of the place by how the coffee is, and I must admit, this was possibly one the best coffees I have ever had in London.  It was silky smooth and absolutely delicious.  

At e5 Bakehouse, they source all their ingredients from small companies with an emphasis on finding out where everything comes from, so it is locally sourced and organic.  

The story behind the e5 bakehouse is pretty incredible- it started off by a man called Ben Mackinnon in 2011.  His first year baking bread was done in a wood fired oven that he created himself in the railway arch at London Fields.  His interest in bread attracted other bakers nearby and grew into a bigger business.  Now it's a jam packed cafe and bakery with a laid back feeling of excitement for real, delicious food.  

They do everything here: bread, brunch, lunch, coffee, smoothies, cakes.  It's great to see such a buzzing air for artisan baked products.  Just as I was walking out a guy snatched a chocolate eclair and handed some change to the waitress, "they're really good" with his mouth full.  It's that kind of place, you know?  

e5 Bakehouse, Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, E8 3PH



Posted on November 9, 2015 and filed under london, sweet.