4 notes about French Meringues.

 1) Be careful with recipes, many are incorrect.  Just a few months ago, I picked up a recipe for meringue which called for 150g of egg whites to 125g of sugar and it made the most granulated meringue.  I added a hundred grams of sugar and re-whisked it up.  

 2) Use caster sugar, not granulated: the smoother the sugar, the more likely that your meringue will be smooth. 

 3) Equal egg whites to equal sugar: give you a soft but not stable meringue. 

 4) Twice as much sugar to egg whites= a very stable meringue


Good Recipe: 

200g Egg Whites (room temperature- NOT cold.)

220g Caster

140g icing sugar 


Beat whites, add caster in 3 times.  Incorporate icing sugar.

100 degrees C.


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