The Softness of Temptation

I've arrived back in London and despite spending half the time panicking what-am-I-doing-with-my-life (please tell me I am not the only one) I have also spent a lot of time searching for the best pastry shops and bakeries in town, so thats great fun!  Not just for me but for anyone who reads this blog.  

I suppose I am a little bit of a yo-yo in the whole pastry chef and culinary food scene: one minute I am admiring top chefs who are rushing around creating incredible dishes and and then the other half I am just looking out for beautiful, artisan pastries and cakes and wishing that we did not have to be so complicated and could I please just work in a beautiful patisserie, where there is passion as there is skill but perhaps no press behind it? 

I am a big fan of finding the places that no one has found before.  I admire those secret places that don't brag about being wonderful and new but just get on with doing stuff, you know?

A few weeks ago, my sister and her boyfriend talked to me about a pastry shop and bakery called "Les Douceurs de La Tentation" in Maida Vale. (The Softness of Temptation.)  The lady who runs this patisserie bakes all the bread and makes all the pastries herself.  She works alone making baking bread at night, incredible brunches in the morning as well as coffee and has also got a smile on her face.  If that's not wonderful, I don't know what is. 

I was so fascinated by what she does, I really do not think that there are many people like her.  Especially in London, everyone is so driven to become a top chef that many people forget about kind food.  No matter how many experiences I have in different kitchens I always come back to this feeling. 

Absolutely delicious brunch on Dimitra's hand made bread. 

Les Douceurs de la Tentation

8 Fernhead Road, W9 3ET





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