Eggless, Sugarless, Flourless, Butterless Brownies

Apparently everyone wants to "eat clean" these days.  By eating "clean", this means not getting it all over yourself. 

Okay, I'm messing with you.  Messy-ing with you..  Get it? Clean, Messy...

(Hem, not funny.)

I've had a little bit of trouble with these food fanatics who start eating really healthily and make everyone believe that flour makes you bloat, sugar makes you hyper, butter makes you fat and everything in between doesn't do you wonders for you either. 

I've never banned anything from my diet, and I never want to, either. I do understand that some people are intolerant to certain foods, or don't enjoy the effect of a specific ingredient on their body.  It is FINE by me.  But I do think that any kind of extremism is unhealthy. 

So what have I done?  Something extreme.  Banned nearly all ingredients from brownies.

At the beginning of the evening, I had planned on making eggless brownies.   I realised that if there were no eggs I would be banning the only mildly "healthy" ingredient from brownies (eggs are high in protein and vitamins) and thought, without eggs, whats the point of cooking the brownies?  Good question. 

If I'm not going to cook the brownies, I'll eliminate the flour.  Then, I thought, without flour or eggs, what good will butter do?  Of course, add creaminess and texture but it wasn't very necessary since I already was removing a lot of the texture from banning eggs and flour.  Then, I thought, lets eliminate the sugar and go cold turkey.  I really thought that. 

Whats in these brownies, just a chocolate bar?  Is what you are asking yourself.  I know you are asking that because I asked myself exactly the same thing. 

(By the way, funny how no one is ever chocolate intolerant..?)

The thing you won't believe is that these brownies are in fact delicious.  The great thing about these everything-less brownies is not only the chocolate is so prominent but what comes out the most is the freshness of them- there is no greasy aftertaste sticking to your pallet which means they are incredibly satisfying at the end of supper.  





Posted on January 9, 2016 and filed under sweet, dinner, desserts, chocolate.