I Signori Siciliani / The Sicilian Sirs.

Two men at a bar, who would, if two men were at a bar elsewhere in the world possibly (probably?) be drinking manly drinks, a pint each or a strong whiskey.  These two men instead, have granitas with whipped cream and a brioche.  A piece of brioche is torn away, and then a spoonful of granita is put on the brioche.  There is a technique to how the granita and the brioche are eaten.

Unfortunately I was only able to snap a photo of these signori siciliani once they had  finished their granita. In the photo, they are sitting with their arms crossed, seemingly identical in their looks and posture.  I thought that that moment was priceless.

Granita is a frozen dessert made with sugar, ice and flavourings.  Lemon granita and almond granita is very common all over Sicily.  The texture is between a sorbet and a ice drink- it is surprisingly creamy and smooth compared to the equivalent of, lets say, a frapuccino.  Unlike an ice drink, the ice and the flavour aren't separate.  For example, when you sip a frapuccino, at the bottom remains only ice or icey water.  

 Granita is made in such a way where the liquid is produced and then frozen, the ice is then scraped away so it's strongly flavoured.  When you have granita, there are no unpleasant watery endings.    Intense flavour right to the end.  

* Photos taken in Trapani, with Special Thanks to Elizabeth Style Photography 

Posted on September 3, 2014 and filed under italy.