"Europain" as in, "Eurobread" is a world bakery, pastry, ice-cream, chocolate and confectionary trade show.  It is where you will find all equipment, ingredients, decoration and materials for a bakery/pastry/chocolate/confectionary industry.  Sounds crazy? It is.

When my italian pastry chef friend Marina told me she'd managed to get us a couple of tickets from our chef I was really excited.  A bread-maker colleague of ours Gaetan was keen to explore as well, so arm in arm the three of us embarked on our Europain adventure.

italian pastries

chocolate fondant ganache, speculos.

By the sheer amount of gadgets to test and sugary things to try, I felt like the girl who eats too much and swells up in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  I suppose everyone needs an experience like that in order to remember what it feels to eat as much bread and chocolate as is physically possible.

portuguese custard tarts

our baker analysing the bread types!

We saw the Valrhrona stall and we were really keen to explore.  Marina had checked out their chocolate schools and we wanted to see what they were giving out to taste.  Valrhona are one of the leading chocolate suppliers and their chocolate is simply exquisite.  Their stall at Europain reminded me of a super posh cocktail bar as all the waiters were dressed up and greeted you with an air of suspiciousness as they looked you up and down.  However rather than be cocktails at the bar, it was beautiful patisseries for "degustation".

An ile flottant on a blond chocolate creme anglaise, nougatine.

me, analysing the Valrhora patisserie!

more europain:

By the end of the day, we were getting thirsty for champagne.  Everyone seemed to be drinking it after the "Mondial des Arts Sucres" (International Sugar Arts Competition) to celebrate France's victory.

 And on Sunday I will attend World Omnivore Tour, so Watch This Space!



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