Galette des Rois

"Galette des Rois" would be best described as a sweet pie made of puff pastry and filled with an almond cream.  It is traditionally eaten in order to celebrate the Epiphany (around the 6th of January.) Inside the galette a lucky charm is hidden (like a little toy made of ceramic) and whoever finds the charm becomes the king (or queen) and can wear a crown in honour.

The galette is cut into slices and the youngest member of the family goes under the table.  The adult calls the child "pour qui ça?" ("who's this for?") and the child responds by appointing slice after slice until all are distributed.  As the child is under the table the adult finds the charm and reserves it for the child. So when the child finds his charm he is excited to wear the crown and feels lucky, yet somehow he seems to get it every year..:)

I have been making this galette for the past two weeks at work.  It is post- Christmas season, it is now "galette" season.  All other patisseries have been postponed for the time being. 

(no longer making chocolate truffles- the season is over.)

The galettes are made as so: 

the almond cream is evenly distributed on the base layer of pastry.

**Many galettes are made with "frangipane," however I believe that "creme d'amande" is better.  Frangipane is simply "creme d'amande" with "creme patissiere" added to it.  It is cheaper to produce since there is less almond.  **

The lucky charm is placed inside.  Water is painted around the edges in order for the upper layer to stick.

The galette is then closed with the upper layer and using a knife re-sealed together.  

All photos are taken at

Maison Landemaine


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