Welcome, April.

Today it rained and snowed at the same time.  It rained and then it snowed and then it did both.  

It snained.  

They say spring is on its way. 

There are better things out there.  The sun does still exist.  As does Ryanair.  And British Airways.  They had a sale on actually, British Airways did.  Extra Cheap Business Class Seats.  They did not advertise it exactly as that, but that was the jist.  I bought one.  I needed to see the sky again and see the italian 'moroso [lover]. 

 On the flight I kindly got asked what  I would like to drink.  "Coffee" I replied.  The air hostess was particularly kind to me since I had given up my seat to a gentleman who wanted to be next to his wife (ah, love,) so I got some delicious shortbread biscuits with the coffee.

  I started to look over the clouds.  "Would you like some tea," the air hostess disturbed.  I had just had some coffee but I said ok anyway.  "A drink with that?"  She persisted.  "Erm, yes what do you--" but she rudely interrupted my question with "white wine, champagne?"  Large grin.  

"Could I have some champagne?"  I awkwardly replied, hesitantly, as if she would say "oh no actually you can't, that was a JOKE!"  ...  Champagne with finger sandwiches of egg & cress and smoked salmon & cream cheese. ...... Warmed scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam ...... chocolate tiffin. 

 I ate everything and then the air hostess returned.  "Would you like some tea?"  She asked again. "Yes please" I said, wondering how on earth the word "tea" could have so many endless possibilities.  I got an actual cup of tea this time, to drink after my champagne. Is it just because we're in the air that its ok to have coffee then champagne then tea,  I wondered.  There are no cultural rules to determine the order, I supposed.

Cichetti [bar snacks] by the canal 

On Return to England.

I came back to the snain and I told a fellow student my opinion on British weather: "I think God is just pouring us with all this weather to tell us to get out of this country and go somewhere else.  "Splash," he's saying, "don't you get it?  IT IS NEVER EVER GOING TO GET ANY BETTER AND YOU'RE JUST GOING TO KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT FOREVER AND EVER AND NEVER TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE APART FROM THE WEATHER SO JUST GET OUT OF HERE.""

 I said that to her. 

 At first she was bewildered by my sudden dramatic outburst of what God is telling us to do.  She did not mind too much since it was a Jew-to-Jew conversation so no religious politics there.  But some historical politics came up instead.  With calmness, she said: "we should just all transfer to the south of Spain where it's nice and warm."

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plain.

I remembered colonisation.  The British rule of India.  The British in America, in Australia.  Poor Spanish, surely they've got enough on their plate with the economic crisis.  Obviously not.  Some Brits are thinking of colonising Spain now because the snain is getting too unbearable.  

Lets just have some spaghetti and close the blinds.  

Peppery Carbonara time:

2 Hungry People, 3 Normal

250g Spaghetti

5 Rashers of Streaky Bacon

2 Eggs

100 ml Single Cream

1 Garlic Clove, crushed

30g Parmesan or Grana Padano, finely grated

Little Salt and Pep.

Put a large pan of water to boil and put in the spaghetti (according to times indicated on the spaghetti)

Meanwhile, with a splash of olive oil (2 tablespoons) fry the bacon with the crushed garlic clove.

In a bowl, mix the eggs with the cream, nearly all the parmesan and the salt and pepper.  Add the bacon.

When the spaghetti is cooked, drain the water then put it back in the pan.

Off the heat, add the cream mixture.

Serve with the rest of the parmesan and a grinding of black pepper.

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