Pizza in a cone?

"I was intrigued, I was like oh my god look at that, I was like what is going on here? Pizza in a cone, is that even possible? How do they do it and why? What's the reasoning behind it all?"

These were all the things passing through my friend Anne-Marie and my mind as we walked passed Konopizza.  

Italians love pizza.  And Italians love ice cream.  So this restaurant was an incredible mixture of the two: you can eat your pizza and have your ice cream too.  

This was crust already made in a cone shape and filled with filling of your choice: mozzarella is a standard, tomato and vegetables or other classic pizza toppings that are used to fill the cone.  

The konopizza was located in Padova, Italy quite near the main piazza.  Padova is a small town an hour away from Venice and great for a little day trip away if you're visiting Venice for a long time.  

Posted on May 27, 2012 and filed under italy.