Linguine, fettucine and spaghettini

Pizza al taglio 

Pizza No. 1:  Buffalo mozarella, fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, fresh olives.

Pizza No. 2: Rocket, torn buffalo mozarella, fresh tomatoes.

IN ITALY, when it comes to pizza toppings, moderation is not it's first name.  Italians know their pizzas.  Of course they must do since on average every family in Italy has at least one pizza dinner a week and pizzas usually act as a casual daily snack. Here you can see that the kind gentleman (I call him that because after all he is cutting us a slice of the best pizza)  is slicing as much or as little as we like.   You just pay per average weighed slice.  I'm not advertising it as such, I'm just writing about the action that is being performed.

As you may or may not be able to notice, the arancini have been half dismissed by my sister in this picture.  Despite their ever so slightly crunchy exterior, their stringy cheesiness caused by the mozarella and their rich meatiness, she is far too preoccupied with the brilliant pizza wrap.  Inside you will find grated grana padano, generous helpings of bresaola and fresh rocket in a thin wrap made of pizza dough where the bread is just hot and ever so slightly toasted after being placed in the oven along with its friends.

Now when I mention this spicy penne with king prawns, fresh tomatoes and rocket you'll just laugh.  Meh, I did too when I saw it. 

Posted on September 7, 2011 and filed under italy.