Food of the world, unite.

Doughnuts with raspberry coulis and toasted nuts

Lemon cheesecake, poppy seed cake, baklava and apple almond tart in Croatia

Wandering around a fruit and veg market in Budapest

Vienna is known for it's coffee shops, which serve a wide range of beautiful pastries and coffees and this one came along with a pianist to accompany the luxury theme.  

The never ending taking pictures of food ends here for a short while.  Why?  Because there is a limit to how much you can remember to write about.  The pictures serve as a type of memoir and the camera becomes an object used to record your thoughts and your enthusiasm for the food that has been captured in full flavour.   And I want to write everything about gelato, about borek, aboutapple strudels, about goulash, about the most flavoursome and colourful pizzas, about CHOCOLATE CHOCLATE CHOCLAT  and about poppy seed pastries, about sacher torte and about coffee shops as beautiful as museums.

An adventurous mix or a mis-translation?

 And then I just want to stick all the pictures up and not write anything and let your imagination run wild.  Because at the end of the day I think that I have told you everything there is to know just by showing you I care enough to load this page with food from Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Spain and Austria ....

I'll get home and all I'll want to do is boast about the succulent duck confit my french mother has just prepared for me.  Or the moist baby lamb with fluffy basmati, ratatouille and rocket and goats cheese salad we had for dinner the night before.  And I'll realise that noone really reads any of this stuff. They just want to drewl over the pictures and nod to themselves at the descriptions because you know what it is if you're keen enough to look at this page, and accept that at the end of the day we are not literary fans or critics.  We just want a bit of sugar and a bit of spice as enlightenment into our day to help us out with organising our muddled thoughts of food of what we're going to eat next for dinner or serve up at our next dinner party.

Apple strudels 

Goulash prepared by a handsome chef

American stall in Viennese world food festival

Don't get me wrong, this is not a way of getting out of critically writing about every food I have savoured during my travels, because I will probably get round to that.  I just want to share some pictures before they become devalued and forgotten day after day.

chicken schnitzel in austria

Beware that the pickled pepper doesn't burn your tongue

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