Demel's Chocolate Shop in Vienna.  This beautiful shop sells a wides range of Viennese chocolates and pastries such as 'Demel Torte' and the 'Demel Sacher Torte'.   I tried the 'Demel's Milch'.  A very smooth and silky with deep cocoa hints.

Intensely chocolately chocolate tart I made with 250g Nestle Pure 78%, 5 tablespoons Creme fraiche, 3 beaten eggs, 150g sugar,  finished off with 'crema alle nocciole'.  Precise method and recipe to follow soon

The 'best nutella'.  Not really nutella but the softest hazelnut dream cream.  This can be found as a croissant filling in many pastry shops across Italy. 

As the biggest chocoholic I know, I can safely say this is one of the most divine chocolates I've had in a while.  The inside is an oozing soft milky cream and the milk chocolate is ever so close to a dark fondant to give you a satifying hit of chocolate we long for.  Expensive but definitely worth travelling to Italy for.  However this is for chocolate enthusiasts who crave sweet as well as chocolate because the crema al latte is particularly sweet so may not be a favourite if you enjoy a more intense dark chocolate.

 Sacher Torte enjoyed at Café Central.  Although the cake looks very rich, it was not very chocolatey but had deep hints of honey.  It was slightly dry and needed more rum and flavours of cherry.  I think that perhaps the clientele of the cafe come for the history and beauty of the Cafe, rather than the cakes.  

This famous and magnificent coffee shop opened in 1876 and became a meeting place of the Viennese intellectual scene in the late 19th Century.  In January 1913, Josip Broz Tito, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky were patrons of the establishment.

cos everyone needs a bar of that in their bags...

to be continued

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